Photo Credit © Glabb
Location: Nantong, China
Project Completed: 2008


The Sutong Bridge crosses the Yangtze River, joining the cities of Nantong and Suzhou.

The total length of the bridge is 6 km. The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a world record-breaking 1088 m main span.

A concrete bridge with a main span of 268 m provides a secondary navigation span. The approach bridges have spans varying between 42 m and 75 m.

The cable-stayed bridge has two inverted Y concrete towers over 300 m high. The superstructure is a closed steel box girder with an overall width of 40 m and a height of 4m.

Services Provided / Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provided independent consultancy, and a principal surveyor, to provide survey methodology for China Harbour’s survey teams, and as the site representative for Maunsell AECOM, for geometry control.
  • Worked together with Maunsell’s erection engineer / 3D static modeler – to match construction stage analysis with optimum survey measurement opportunities.
  • Processed all geometry control data supplied to the contractor.
  • Supervision of sub-contracted anchor box fabrication geometry control QC reports. Optimized fabrication survey methodology and cross checked all the anchor box fabrication as-builts and trial assembly surveys.