Photo Credit © David Monniaux
Location: Near Patras, Greece
Project Completed: 2004

Total Length: 2860 m (9383 ft.)
Main Span: 3 spans of 560 m (1837 ft.) each
Side Span: 2 spans of 286 m (938 ft.) each
Tower Height: Height above sea level is about 163 m (535 ft.)


The Harilaos Trikoupis Bridge links the Peloponnese (southern Greece) to the Greek mainland across the western end of the Gulf of Corinth to the north of the town of Patras. This link consists of a five span composite cable-stayed bridge and several approach spans.

Services Provided / Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provided independent consultancy. Initially provided marine surveying, to manage multi-beam bathymetry, dredging, pier base preparation and pier towing and placement. Subsequently provided geometry control of on-site trial assembly of deck girders, concrete deck casting and deck girder cable stay anchorage 3D geometry verification / heat shaping rectification.