Photo Credit © bbatsell
Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Project Completed: 2005

Total Length: 3002 m (9846 ft.)
Main Span: 471 m (1546 ft.)
Tower Height: 168 m (550 ft.)


With a main span of 471 m (1546 ft.), this bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America. The new, award-winning bridge replaced two aging truss bridges over Cooper River and Town Creek, and increased the capacity from five to eight lanes of traffic. Seismic and wind demands were both stringent as the bridge is located in a hurricane zone and its site has one of the highest seismic demands in North America.

Services Provided / Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provided contracted services to supply methodology, training and supervision for the joint venture’s main span survey teams, for pylon and deck erection.
  • Worked together with the erection engineer / 3D static modeler – to match construction stage analysis with optimum survey measurement opportunities.
  • Performed cross checks of the sub-contracted anchor box fabrication – prior to anchor box installation in the pylons.