Skilled specialist providing a variety of specialized custom technical services to companies engaged in structural steel fabrication, trial assembly, and site erection.

Work Experience

2015 – Atema

Geometry Control and Technical Assistant
2015 – 2016

  • Employed on Johnson Street Bridge fabrication in Jiangsu Province.
  • Survey raw data post-processing – with MS Excel spreadsheets and Rhino 3D modelling software version 5.0.
  • Material process inspection.
  • Welding document control.
  • Translation for shop floor activities and technical meetings.
  • UT pre-process with Rhino 3D software + Grasshopper customization.

2014-2015 Gammon Construtora Cidade Tensacciai JV

Deputy Geometry Control Manager

  • Employed on Waziribad Signature Bridge fabrication in Jiangsu Province.
  • Survey raw measurement data post-processing – with 3D-XYZ MS Excel spreadsheet, AutoCAD version 2014 and Rhino modelling software version 5.0.
  • Verify GFC (Good for Construction) Design drawings with Rhino 3D model cross check confirmation.

2012-2014 Gammon Construtora Cidade Tensacciai JV

Assistant to Geometry Control Manager

  • Assisted surveyors in conducting the fabrication control survey work.
  • Post-processed raw survey data with 3D custom spreadsheets, AutoCAD. & Rhinoceros software.
  • Worked as logistical coordinator between the GCT JV and ZTSS’ technical departments and site inspectors.
  • Supplied written and spoken Chinese – English technical translations for the JV quality control team, either in joint site meetings or in procedure / submission reviews.

Work Related Skills

  • Survey data post-processing using MS Excel Spreadsheets (data quality checking, temperature correction, data rotation and shift, plane best fit, circle best fit, cylinder best fit, parabolic best fit, data relationship-building) and Rhinoceros 5.0 + Grasshopper (data input with names, data arrangement, plane best fit, circle best fit, and surface creating with slice and render tools).
  • General knowledge of surveying, geometry control, and API Laser Tracker technology, including SA post-processing analytical software.
  • UT pre-process with Rhinoceros 5.0 + Grasshopper (simulate UT sound path legs at a welded joint location, to study the UT procedure and ensure the defect location is fully covered).

Software Skills

  • AutoCAD 2016
  • Rhinoceros 5.0
  • Grasshopper – Rhinoceros’ Customization tools / language
  • Microsoft Office 2016

Employment Assets

  • Proficiency in English, both written and spoken
  • Chinese Driver’s License (C1)
  • Valid Passport


  • 2017 – Engineering Surveying (Level Three)
  • 2012 – Nanyang Institute of Technology – Bachelor of Arts, English


  • Available Upon Request.